Clontech strikes again 8-(

Francis Ouellette francis at monod.Biol.McGill.CA
Tue Mar 30 19:59:32 EST 1993

rcwieg at (Roger Wiegand) writes:

>It was with sad amusement that I read the article in the March 19 Science
>(v259, p1685) discussing contamination of a Clontech human cDNA library
>with yeast sequences. 

I have come across half a dozen so far, and the joke is that if we
(the yeast genome people) wait long enough, the human genome people
will have done the yeast genome ;-)

Jokes aside, is you come across any such abarent seuences (like 98%
homology from your yeast DNA to humans cDNA), you should report it.
This way they can clean up their database entries.

for Genethon send mail to: genexpress at
and for TIGR (from which I have yet to pick up a homology to yeast
DNA, to their credit!) send mail to: Mark Adams (mdadams at



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