Image Analysis System

Wed Mar 31 04:45:23 EST 1993

SOS! I need info on good image analysis systems that can be used to
process Southern, northern, etc. results. For my own purpose I need
one which can be used to process RFLP data. Right now I'm doing
Southerns with a highly repetitive probe (80-100 bands/lane) and
manual scoring has been quite formidable. My supervisor, however, would
only give her blessing to place an order for an imager if the system
can be used for applications other than my own. My attention was
first caught by this new BioRad machine that can handle autoradiographs
and chemiluminographs but she was reluctant to put money on it and
wishes for one which can be used for blots developed chromogenically.
I shall be very grateful for every piece of info. 

e-mail:  rscott at

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