spin-columns (homemade)

Bill Melchior wmelchior at ntet.nctr.fda.gov
Tue Mar 30 11:12:10 EST 1993

Last fall, there were a couple of postings about home-made spin columns for 
cleaning up dye-terminator sequencing reactions.  As I get started on this, 
I have couple of questions:

Raj Shankarappa gave a quite detailed procedure, which involves Sephadex 
G-50 equilibrated in 0.3 M Na acetate; the product is EtOH precipitated.  
I'd like to know why he does it this way rather than use H2O and 
evaporation, as in the ABI protocol.  (Is it as simple as not having a 
SpeedVac available, or is there something else?)

Michael Benedik said that Sephadex G-50 works, but his lab prefers BioRad 
P-10.  Why?

Thanks, Bill
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