pcr in microtiter plates

Callum Bell - Ecker lab cbell at ATGENOME.BIO.UPENN.EDU
Tue May 4 11:54:46 EST 1993

Can anyone recommend a good protocol for doing PCR in microtiter
plates in a BIOS biocycler PCR oven? I am currently doing my
reactions in 0.5 ml microfuge tubes in a Cetus 480, 20 ul per 
sample, using home-made PCR gems. The results are great but 
capping and uncapping the tubes is getting tedious. I'd also
like to process a lot more samples. If possible I would like
to keep the sample volume down, and that's
where the problem is - 20 ul tends to just wet the bottom of
the wells in the microtiter plates I have tried. The answer
would be microtiter plates with much narrower wells. Does 
anyone know where these can be obtained? Any help will be 
gratefully received.


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