Protein staining with KCl and electroelution

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Wed May 5 08:50:43 EST 1993

Hi Netfolks,

Anybody out there have experience staining protein gels with KCl and then
electroeluting the band you want?

This method was mentioned in a paper, but no details or reference were
given.  Maybe this is common knowledge for some people, but obviously
not for me.  They did say they used 25 mM KCl to "stain."  I imagine
you'd get white bands, but...What's the sensitivity?  Any tricks to it?

Also, assuming I can see something and cut it out, what's the best way
to electroelute the protein?

How much protein can one hope to recover from a gel slice?  Assuming it's
a fairly big (20cm x 20 cm x 1 mm) gel, how much should one load?

I want to use the protein for making antibodies.  I'm running the gel
right now.  Any comments, especially about the staining, would be
greatly appreciated.


Al McGraw
mcgraw at

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