Texts on Cell Culture?

Tom Kristensen tomk at ulrik.uio.no
Wed May 5 02:35:52 EST 1993

>	Could someone direct me towards any good references on basic Cell/
>Tissue Culture techniques?  In a couple of months I'll be starting up a
>cell culture facility in a new lab so we can overexpress some protein.  I've
>done a bit of cell culture already, but I'm looking for stuff like how
>to tell when cells are confluent, when they are (*gasp*) dead, etc.  Please
>bear in mind that I'm a chemist by training, so dealing with bugs is
>kinda new to me.  Oh, I should say I'm looking for *mammalian* cell culture
>theory/ techniques.  I've done quite a bit of *bacterial* cell culture,
>but that's different....
>	Thanks in advance for any pointers....
>John Boswell
>knight at grafton.dartmouth.edu
One comprehensive and not too expensive possibility is R.P.L. Adams: Cell
Culture for Biochemists, in the series Laboratory Techniques in Biochemistry
and Molecular Biology, Elsevier 1990 (2nd. edition).

Best wishes
Tom Kristensen
Dept. of Biochemistry, University of Oslo
tom.kristensen at biokjemi.uio.no

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