Protein staining with KCl and electroelution

Thu May 6 08:26:51 EST 1993

We have used this method successfully for the exact purpose you intend.
The gel itself stains white and the proteins stay clear. The original procedure
is described in an Analytical Biochem article from 1989 which, of course, I now
can't find. Souuld be easy to find if you look under negative staining. Promega
sells for an excessive price a kit which does the same thing. We recovered 4ug og protein from a complex mixture with about 50-60% recovery using an Amicon eluting device.
The other trick is do a Western and Amido black stain then cut your bands and dissolve the nitrocellulose in DMSO add your adjuvant and inject. This works relly well and your staining and elution is one step with better recovery.
Let me know how you go!
Good luck
Michael Holland

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