Large scale plasmid preps

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Thu May 6 12:45:06 EST 1993

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>>Does anyone have experience with Qiagen's large scale plasmid prep columns?
>>What are some of the realistic yields that can be expected?  Is it useful for
>>transfections?  How clean is it?  Are there any other methods beside CsCl
>>that are equivalent?

Look at Biotechniques 14(4).  Two apparently different German groups 
show 3 and 4 fold better efficiency with Qiagen preps in transfections and 
that the Qiagen prep has much nicer looking circular plasmids than CSCl 
under electron microscopy.  Qiagen just happens to be a German company. 

I've experience with the Qiagen Maxi columns.  They work as indicated and 
give enough of a yield to do a number of transfections with but the
high volume of effluent is difficult to work with.  They are damn expensive.
I briefly reviewed expenses of materials in comparing it to CsCl without 
figuring in the cost of the ultracentrifuge and its upkeep.  The Qiagen is
easily twice as expensive.  I've decided that at those prices, and since we
already have an ultracentrifuge taking up space in the lab, it doesn't make
any sense to keep shelling out megabucks for the Qiagen.  With the Qiagen
product available though, it wouldn't make any sense to buy an ultracentri-
fuge for the expressed purpose of doing plasmid preps.


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