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Thu May 6 11:47:02 EST 1993

In article <1993May4.085251.25461 at>, vioque at (Agustin Vioque) writes:
>Does anyone know if the lac promoter/operator sequence in pUC19 and derivatives
>is the lacUV5 mutant or the wild type? The lacUV5 is not subject to catabolite
>repression and thus can be fully induced in the presence of glucose. I want to
>know if I have to change the carbon source for full induction of the promoter.
>vioque at

I had always assumed that it was lacUV5. But when I read your question I 
decided to check. The sequence in the vector database for the pUC plasmids
does not have the UV5 promoter but has the wild type promoter.
So if you believe the sequence then it is wild type.

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