pKK233-2 Expression vector sequence

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Tue May 11 07:35:57 EST 1993

In a previous article, cthomas at wrote:
>I am looking for the sequence of Pharmacia's expression vector pKK233-2.  If anyone
>hase this sequence could they please post this to me.  My email address is:
>	cthomas at
>Connor Thomas

Connor:  I hope you have better luck than we did.  We too needed sequences 
of Pharmacia vectors only to find (as of 1.5 years ago) they 1) aren't on 
line so e-mail access is not an option, 2) they didn't offer their vector's 
sequences on disk, and 3) but would provide sequences (gratis) but only in a 
paper mail form for the asking.  If you call, they'll send what you need 
but some typing will probably be involved.

haviland at

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