Disulfide Isomerase

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Wed May 12 11:41:44 EST 1993

In article <0096C345.38573F00.23756 at hal.hahnemann.edu>, farleyp at HAL.HAHNEMANN.EDU writes:
> Hi Gang!
> Does anyone know where I can buy disulfide isomerase for use in in vitro
> translation reactions?  I have heard that there may be a Japanese company
> called Tokata (?) that makes it, but I don't know a company that distributes
> it.  I would appreciate any information you have.  Thanks in advance!
> Patrick Farley
> Hahnemann University
> Philadelphia, PA

Hi. Takara Biochemical Inc. has a branch in Berkeley, CA.
Phone:1-800-544-9899. FAX 415-649-8933.
You can buy stuff directly from them.  Good luck.

Sheng Guo, PhD
NYU Medical Center.

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