The end of the World

skspoidn at skspoidn at
Tue May 18 06:43:36 EST 1993

Oh God, I am devastated. My world has ended....

A kit that doesnt work? How can it be?

Has anyone else out there had trouble sequencing directly from DNA prepared
 with Promega's Magic Maxipreps? I have found that the preps seem OK by 
restriction analysis, but will give no sequence by Sequenase double stranded 
sequencing even after repeated phenol extractions. The same DNA when 'crudely'
 prepped by standard miniprep procedure gave fine sequencing results, so it
 is a fault with the magic maxi. Other people in my Lab have had similar results.

Mike Poidinger
Dept of Microbiology
University of Reading
Et tu Kitus?

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