cycle sequencing with 35S??

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>> Dear Netters,
>> Has anyone out there got cycle sequencing to work using 35 S? If so I
>> would like to know what kit you used and how much dsDNA you started with.
>> I would like to get away from using 32 P since we are not doing it often
>> enough to get through even the smallest amount of gamma 32 P before it
>> expires.
>> P.S. We have the Gibco kit but they do not recommend its use with 35 S.
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>Promega also says one should kinase the primers instead of incorporating 
>the 35-S or 32-P into the extension products. Why is this? I cannot think
>any good reason. 
>Batu Erman

'twasn't a kit... I made up the components, but NEB's Circumvent cycle 
sequencing system, which uses Vent polymerase instead of Taq pol, works fine 
with 35-S.  Yes, there is also a kit available, (and I even used it once 
<blush>, and liked it).  I used the incorporation method, as opposed to the 
kinased-primer method.

cheers, John

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