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Wed May 19 10:05:26 EST 1993

Chong-Yee Khoo <cyk10 at> writes:

: I use Promega's Magic MiniPreps (not Maxi, though we've got one on order!), on
: 2 mls of culture, and taking 18 microlitres of the final 50 microlitre eluate
: (without quantitating the DNA - sloppy!). This I subject to alkaline
: denaturation, using the method in their Protocols and Applications Guide).
: Gives nice results every time. Perhaps there's a difference between the Mini
: and the Maxi?

The only difference among Promega's Mini- Maxi- Mega- Prep Kits is the volume
of solution used at each step. On the other hand, the Promega Magic PCR Prep
kit uses a binding solution of 6M Guanidine thiocyanate instead of 7 M
Guanidine HCl used with the Mini-Prep kit. There is also a kit called Magic DNA
Cleanup, but I don't have that one handy. Unfortunately, the boxes containing
these are all the same style and color...VERY easy to get confused about which
one you're using. I've snatched the wrong one out of the drawer by mistake on
numerous occasions. Maybe this has happened to you. Are you listening Promega?
Please change the colors on all these boxes and bottle labels!

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