sequence for Pharmacia vector pKK233-2

Paul N Hengen pnh at
Thu May 20 10:21:01 EST 1993

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>>Thanks to all those who replied to my request for sequence data for the 
>>expression vector pKK233-2 (Pharmacia).  For any one else who is
>>interested, I have taken the liberty of including the sequence in
>>this posting.

>Since you've gone to all this trouble, could you go the extra mile and
>submit the sequence to GenBank or EMBL? That would preserve it for
>posterity, which would be a service to the mol. bio. community.

Very good point Brian! In fact, I have the complete sequence of transposon
Tn5 in my possession that was put together by someone else on the net.
BUT, this is not within GenBank. I will gladly submit it, but I'm afraid
I'll be responsible for errors within the sequence I have. If someone from
Doug Berg's Lab or Bill Reznikoff's Lab will confirm it, I can get it into
GenBank right away.

>Many people don't realize that the databases actually encourage submission
>of sequence data from people other than the authors.

Paul N. Hengen
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