M13 Phage by the truckload. THANKS!!

dnicker at vax.oxford.ac.uk dnicker at vax.oxford.ac.uk
Thu May 20 14:21:58 EST 1993

	I would just like to take a moment to thank all those who answered my
appeal for help with the production of M13 phage.  I have incorporated many of
your suggestions and am now producing phage without difficulty.  For those of
you interested, I am using the following conditions now:

	Pick plaques into 2 ml 2xYT broth, add 65 microlitres of plating
bacteria (TG1 selected for F' by plating on M9 minimal plates, grown 6 hours 
and stored at 4C) and grow at 37C for 6 hours.   

	Posting to this newsgroup may very well have saved me several weeks of
head-scratching.  Thanks again!!!

							Darren Nickerson
						Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory

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