software for degenerate PCR primers

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Fri May 21 09:38:32 EST 1993

In article <1th1fm$96h at> ramin at (ramin homayouni) writes:
>I'm wondering if anyone knows of any programs (shareware or commercial) for  
>designing DEGENERATE primers for PCR.  I'm aware of a handfull of primer  
>programs (listed in FAQ), but it seems that they all only deal with designing  
>primers from KNOWN sequences.  Any input would be appreciated.
>Please reply either by posting on the newsgroup or e-mailing me directly:
>Ramin at
>Thanks in advance,

If you're using MS-DOS based PC, try John Nash's wonderful little program
called PGEN, available by FTP from several ftp sites, here's one:

in molbio/ibmpc directory

pgen.readme Apr.14 1992  1590
pgen11.uue  Apr.14 1992 62180

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