PCR of Mitochodrial DNA- again

Helgi Briem Magnusson hbriem at rhi.hi.is
Tue May 25 04:02:14 EST 1993

In <Pine.3.07.9305251026.B12964-9100000 at csuvax1> cummins at CSUVAX1.MURDOCH.EDU.AU (Dr Jim Cummins) writes:

>Is anyone in the group working on PCR of mitochondrial DNA?  I'm still
>trying to find out if there are techniques for doing PCR in situ on
>sections or cell spreads.  Thanks to Rod Bonfiglioli for one helpful
>suggestion already.

>Jim Cummins
>Murdoch University
>Western Australia
To my knowledge, there is a Dr. Haase at the Univ. of Minnesota who
has been doing in situ PCR on microscope slides to detect retroviruses.
The techniques for mitochondrial DNA should be very similar so he
might be able to help you.

Helgi Briem
Inst.Exp.Path. Keldur

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