Anyone Working with REM?

croyleml at croyleml at
Wed May 26 20:06:50 EST 1993

"Recursive Ensemble Mutagenesis (REM) is a algorithm which 
enhances the frequency of  functional mutants in a library when an 
appropriate selection or screening method is employed.  REM uses 
successive rounds of Combinatorial Cassette Mutagenesis (CCM)
to generate a diverse library of genetically altered proteins that fit a 
certain selection criteria.  Amino acids are retained in the library if 
they are found in an altered protein fitting the selection criteria.  
Lists of all amino acids that are acceptable at each mutated position
(i.e. 'target sets' of amino acids) are compiled.  In the next iteration 
of REM combinatorial cassettes are resynthesized according to 
mathematical functions that bias the nucleotide mixtures at each 
mutated position in the protein to encode these target sets of amino 

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