cycle sequencing with 35S??

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Wed May 26 13:44:27 EST 1993

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>>Subject: Re: cycle sequencing with 35S??
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>>>Dear Netters,
>>>Has anyone out there got cycle sequencing to work using 35 S? If so I
>>>would like to know what kit you used and how much dsDNA you started with.
>>>I would like to get away from using 32 P.........
>>>P.S. We have the Gibco kit but they do not recommend its use with 35 S.
>>    Have you considered 33P ? It seems to be ideally suited to 
>>    thermal cycle sequencing, with advantages over both 35 S
>>    and 32 P.
>>    Send me E-Mail and I could give you more specific info.
>>Regards, Charly Ott.
>G'day Charly,
>Many of us would _LOVE_ to try 33P... last I looked, I couldn't afford it! 
>Especially compared with the discounts (off catalogue price) one can get for 
>32P or 35S.
>cheers, John
>John Nash           
G'day John,
With reference to you comments about cost - the price is a wash between 
the available isotopes.
If you would care for more info, please E-Mail me. I do not wish to 
inflict the NET readers with *commercial* conversation.

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