REPOST of "Magic Buffer for RE Digests"

E85J000 E85J at UNB.CA
Wed May 26 12:14:55 EST 1993

Hi Folks!

I recieved a number of pieces of mail saying that the recipe i
posted was truncated.  Here's a re-post of the recipe:

I do my digestions in 50.0 ul:

10x Reaction buffer          5.00  ul
1 ug/ul Acetylated BSA       5.00 ul  (I use Promega's)
0.1M Spermidine pH           2.00 ul
ddH2O to give final volume of 50.0 ul

If this is unclear or if anyone has any questions, please don't
hesitate to drop me a line.

Good luck,


(E85J at UNB.CA)

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