Touchdown PCR

Thu May 27 16:09:13 EST 1993

A reference for touchdown PCR...

Kusser, W.C., Levin, D.B., Glickman, B.W. Sensitive two-stage PCR of p53
genomic DNA exons 5-9.  PCR Methods and Applications (1993) 2: 250-252.

W.C. Kusser is at WKUSSER at SOL.UVIC.CA
D.B. Levin  is at DLEVIN at SOL.UVIC.CA
B.W. Glickman is at BWGLICK at SOL.UVIC.CA

To quote a section from the abstract...

"In the first round, a 1.84-kb fragment spanning exons 5-9 was generated
using a touchdown protocol."

W.C. Kusser has developed several modifications of touchdown for a
variety of purposes.

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