QuestionQuestion : Western Blots

Uday Khosla ce046 at cleveland.Freenet.Edu
Thu May 27 19:07:29 EST 1993

I am attempting to do dot blots of a serial diluted protein and use a
Western Blot to see the bands on the film;  the purpose is to use a
densitometer to see the relationship between the shade of the band and the
actual protein concentration used.  The problem is that some of the blotted
protein spots get washed away and my technique does not seem very accurate.
I was wondering if anybody knows an accurate method (including buffers,
solutions used, other techniques, etc.) of using dot blots to test the relationship of the protein concentration and the densitometer data.  Any help would
be greatly appreciated....

			Thank You,

			Uday M. Khhosla
			umkhosla at

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