Use of KCl for PAGE staining

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> There was a recent report in BioTechniques (12:564-573 (1992)) entitled 
> "Reverse Staining of Sodium Dodecy Sulfate Po;yacrylamide Gels by Imadazole
> -Zinc Salts: Sensitive Detection of Unmodified Proteins".  I haven't used 
> the method, but their data look quite good.  The stain uses readily 
> accessible reagents, has very low background, is rapid, is as sensitive as 
> a silver stain, is reversible, and can be used with Western Blotting and
> Edman sequencing.  Let us know if anyone finds this useful.  Cheers.  -Shaun
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I recently tried this imidazole/zinc procedure: although the sensitivity was
*great*, the bands were not permanently visible. Signal faded completely after 
a short time in H2O. Any hints from other users on achieving permanence?

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