Freezing plant tissue culture cells?

alvin at alvin at
Mon Nov 1 14:48:44 EST 1993

	I have a lot of NT-1 (Nicotiana tabacum-derived)
suspension cell lines which have been transformed with
various constructs and I would like to freeze them
down or otherwise preserve them in case I want to revive
them in the future.  Does anyone have or know of a protocol
to do this, or is there some other type of reversible
long-term storage for plant suspension cells?
	Actually, I think the best way to approach the problem
is to switch to a REGENERABLE cell line and then regenerate
plants and store the seed, but space is *limited* and this
would be relatively time-consuming.  
	By the way, I've been arguing with people in my lab
about the validity of any data obtained from non-regenerable
plant cell lines.  Does anyone have an argument
for or against? 
	Thanks very much,
	Leigh Thorne (leigh_thorne at

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