pUC4KIXX sequence

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Duncan at genesys.demon.co.uk (Duncan Clark) writes:
>The sequence for the TN903 kanamycin cassette in pUC4K was published by
>Calgene Inc. in NAR volume 16 No. 1 page 358. The Accession No. is X06404.
Duncan is right about pUC4K and its derivatives pUC4-KISS and KSAC. However,
pUC4-KIXX was constructed using Km resistance gene from Tn5. Its
sequence was reported by Beck et al,1982, Gene 19, 327 (Accession No. X57709).
The fragment used in pUC4-KIXX also contains bleomycine resistance (Mazodier
et al, 1985, NAR 13, 195 (Acc. No. L19385).
Some information about all these plasmids can be found in Pharmacia '89 catalog
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