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In article <22893 at news.duke.edu>, lees at acpub.duke.edu (Steve Lee) writes...
>If anyone uses the Acid Guanidinium RNA extraction method by
>Chromczynski and Sacchi..
>what is sarcosyl?

>and if anyone has total RNA extraction methods that are relatively
>simple and fool prrof with good yields... let me know... i need a lot of
>RNA from crickets for a Northern...  oh, and if you happen to have RNA
>electrophoresis methods... that would be nice, too..
	I've done about 4-5 different methods of total RNA isolation and
have never seen anything as easy and fool-proof and with as good yeilds
as the method you just mentioned.  I do this alot and have had accidents
happen on occasion (including spilling it on the floor, sucking it back up,
and proceeding to a wonderous conclusion).  I've also had incredible success
isolating RNA from EXTREEMLY small samples with this method (I once isolated 
5ug from a 0.5cm section of a newborn rat colon. Have you ever seen how thin
the wall of the colon is in a newborn rat? -much thinner than dialysis tubing-
I got just enough for a gel :-)
	Speaking of gels- Some of you out there may want to know that 
glyoxal/RNA gels can be run in TAE, as long as the pH is <=6.8.  We find this
very convenient; no circulating needed, although a pH gradient does form
after an extended time.  I'd have to recommend this highly over formaldehyde.
				Good Luck.
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