SUMMARY: Bacteria for pGEX

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Mon Nov 1 08:56:35 EST 1993

Dear netters, I am forwarding one more message below that came in this
morning.  Looks like I posted a summary to soon!  Is there any
nettiquette about how long to wait before posting a summary?
We will be transforming BL21 this week with our fusion protein.
I will post whether it made a difference or not.  Please keep
you collective fingers crossed.  Thanks again for all your help.


sorry i joined this so late. BL21 is lon-, however, only because of poor
expression, not because of a defective lon protease. if you induce w/
temperature, lon protease is expressed albeit not at a large level as with
a K12 strain (lon is a heat shock response protein) (Phillips, T. A., Van
Bogelen, R. A., and Neidhardt, F. C., lon gene product of Escherichia coli
is a heat-shock protein, J Bacteriol, 159, 283, 1984).
the CAG lon- strains were developed in Carol Gross's lab (formerly of
Wisconsin now at UCSF). my experience w/ those strains is that they are
really sick and grow slowly. they are free from her. no purchase or box
tops required.
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