job grades of personnel running ABI 373A DNA sequencers

David Johnstondaj daj at
Mon Nov 1 07:47:04 EST 1993

some months ago, I asked the NET for its wisdom concerning the logistics of 
running an ABI 373A DNA sequencer. Amongst the wisdom received was the fact 
that, unless very tight control can be maintained, such a system should 
have dedicated technical support rather than be multi-user operated. 
On the basis of these responses, we have persuaded our Institution to fund 
technical support for the machine which we have on order. However, since 
funds are (as always) tight, they wish to appoint someone at the level of 
UK Civil Service's Assistant Scientific Officer (ASO) Grade (16-18 year old 
school leaver with O or A levels). We fear that this may be too junior a 
level for the technical ability required and so would be very grateful if 
anyone who either runs a 373A machine or employs someone to run it for 
them, could e-mail us with the employment grade for the post.

Please reply direct to me. All replies will be treated with as strict a 
confidence as anything with an e-mail address on it can be - no names 

Thanks in advance,

David A. Johnston
Dept of Zoology, The Natural History Museum, Cromwell Road,
South Kensington, London SW7 5DB.
(tel 071 9389297, fax 071 9388754, email daj at

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