new member/bugs wanted

dkatz at dkatz at
Tue Nov 2 15:58:44 EST 1993

As a new member of the Internet, I am searching for some bacterial strains to
use in my Microbiology class.  Does anyone out there have a set of E.coli
strains which are Hfr, F+ and F- that they can send.  I am also quite
interested in receiving a Halobacterium strain for the class.  I am working
with unpigmented Serratia, and will also have a project on Temperature 
Sensitive plasmids (with Rts1 as the first example).  I would be very
interested in communicating with anyone with these interests or would like
to share ideas and strains.  Thank you, in advance.  I have been reading the
comments on the net with great interest.  This newsgroup has given me much 
to think about.  Sue Katz,  Biology, Doane College, Crete NE 68333.
(402) 826-8548; Internet address: DKatz at

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