Basavaraju Shankarappa bsh at MED.PITT.EDU
Wed Nov 3 14:17:17 EST 1993

Dear Calcium:
	This has traditionally been accomplished by labeling the 
surface components of cells specifically with a procedure such as
surface labeling with iodination (lactorperoxidase or IODOGEN from
Pierce).  Now you can lyse the cells and immunoprecipitate with
the antibody.  This has been considered as a fairly reliable although
not a confirmatory test for the surface prediliction of the protein.
	You can get about 100 references in the Pierce catalog, if you
need it.
Raj Shankarappa
bsh at
> Dears netters,
> Does anyone has any information or reference concerning agglutination of 
> cells or protoplasts with an antibody in order to demonstrate the outside 
> location of a membrane antigen? Thank you .

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