Preperative PCR ?

Leonard N. Bloksberg bloksber at
Wed Nov 3 15:37:00 EST 1993

Anybody ever try preperative PCR?  Any advice/comments?
	I need 1-2 milligrams of my dsDNA 27mer oligo.  I had the bugger 
synthesized up before on a small scale and cloned a multimer into 
pBlueScript (a 6mer, actually).  I see my options as:
	1.	Order a preperative synthesis of more oligo ($300-).
	2.	Gel isolate the 6mer from 10-20mg of plasmid (will cost
		from $200- to $1000- in restriction enzyme, depending on
		how close to 1U/ug we can get away with).
	3.	Large scale preparative PCR (no cost worked up yet, due to
		no protocol to base it on).
Any ideas? input? advice? 
			Leonard N. Bloksberg

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