blocking agents for hybs

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Wed Nov 3 12:09:00 EST 1993

In Article <1993Nov2.172342.12201 at> "nishir at" says:
> Hi netters,
> What is the consensus out there for the efficiency (ie., ability to reduce
> background) of various agents for blocking membranes that will be hybridized
> with DNA or RNA probes?  (Has anyone directly compared these methods with the
> same probe?)  The reagents most commonly used seem to be sheared salmon (or
> herring) sperm DNA, heparin, or blotto (milk with azide).  
> Rae Nishi
> Portland OR 
I use blotto, but leave out the azide.  Just make up immediately before use,
spin out insoluables, and go.  Azide always gave us "measles".
.		Leonard N. Bloksberg

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