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> Although two or three would disagree,
> most believe it is wrong to make illegal copies of software or plagiarize just 
> "a sentence or two" of someone else's work or steal "just enough" of someone 
> else's product to complete their project.

Because someone uses ideas or theories is this stealing??
You may work with people that STEAL products, but most of us use recipes
provided by various companies. If it is so much a secret what is in a lysis
buffer, polymerase buffer etc.. then technical services in companies should
not provide that information. I wouldn't consider this stealing as they
send me  recipes of their own volition. Putting the formulation of a
reagent on a spec sheet is the equivalent to publishing that information.
IT IS THEN PUBLIC. The use of the kit/reagent intially may be used for a
certain procedure, and when it comes to publishing the data the vendor
would be cited in the methods section. 

It costs me dollars to make reagents for certain procedures, whereas it
could cost a hundred dollars to purchase the kit with the same reagents. If
you would kindly send me the difference in cash each time the kit is used
up, then I would gladly purchase the kit.

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