Fixing sequencing gels

Chia Jin Ngee mcblab47 at
Wed Nov 3 04:23:25 EST 1993

Hi to all!

In my lab, like almost any molecular biology lab, we do DNA sequencing 
here and there. The wierd and sometimes most fustrating part apart from 
pouring gels is fixing them. I have used the standard 10% AcOH/10% MeOH 
solution to fix them. Many in the institute I work in use 20% EtOH. What 
are the advantages and disadvantages. If you Netters out there use any 
other solutions other than the above please give me your ideas.

Back to fixing gels. Gels seem to have the ability to float off the glass
plate while fixing, even w/o intervention (eg shaking and disturbances). 
Usually this results in what I call reconstructive gel surgery prior to
drying.What is the main problem here? Dirty glass plates or my lab has a
zero-G spot? I have experienced gels warping when fixing too. When I mean 
warping I mean shrinks and swellings.

If you have other problems and solutions to fixing gels please send them 
to me. I would be happy to compile your ideas/solutions to the above 
problems or even the problems you encounter.

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