Phenol distillation (caveat)

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>> Be careful!  Also, if you do get hot phenol on you,
>> glycerol is supposed to be useful in washing it off.  If you
>> use water it will simply spread the phenol around (so I have
>> heard).  
> In our lab we keep bottles of PEG (Poly Ethylene Glycol)
> handy for this.
> Also note that Ethanol can kill if used to wash phenol off!!!

I once spilled phenol on both ungloved hands. I was able to quickly stop the
burning with methanol. Is any one of these chemicals less dangerous or better
for ridding the phenol from the skin? In an unrelated incident, I was cutting
some jalopeno peppers and rubbed my eyes. Bad move! I ended up essentially
macing myself :-{  ...How do you stop THAT from burning?

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