Phenol distillation

Wed Nov 3 08:17:41 EST 1993

> >surface are often fatal. These may all be mol.biol. mythical 
'facts' but until 
> >somenone disproves them to my satisfaction I for one will never 
re-distill my 
> >own phenol.
> Do you have someone dispense petrol into your vehicle, as well :)

In our country, yes...!!

> Distilling phenol is a simple process requiring only a little 
> to be done safely.  At US$11 a kilo, distillation of crude 
> phenol is a good way for scientists to economize.  If phenol 
> is the biggest threat to one's personal safety, one is fortunate 

And ANY threat to one's personal safety in a lab is to be decried - 
we have a solvent extraction unit in our building which used to 
routinely re-distill phenol: and the fumes in the corridor had to be 
seen/smelt to be believed!  Fortunately, they stopped the practice. 

Any advance on chloroform and liver cancer, anyone?  The OTHER 
ingredient in most DNA extractions?  And does EVERYONE use CHCl3 in 
a fume hood?  And how do you dispose of YOURS?  Should make you 
think, shouldn't it?

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