SupF selection in E. coli - summary and thanks!

Ashok Aiyar ashok at
Wed Nov 3 22:16:47 EST 1993

I had requested information regarding supF selection in E. coli that did
not involve auxotrophic strains, and I thank ....

David Resnick (dresnick at,
Michael Benedik (bchs1b at, and
Karen Usdin (KU at

who all had very similar suggestions of using an E. coli strain with
the P3 episome.  As Karen pointed out, Invitrogen sells the strain
MC1061/P3 .....

(quoting Karen)
>Invitrogen sells an E. coli strain (MC1061/P3) (both competent and
>electrocompetent versions) that has the following genotype
>ara F139, F(araABC-leu)7679, galU, galK, FlacX74, (r-k,m+k), strA, deoR+,
>rpsL, thi, mcrB, {p3:amber ampR, amber tetR, KmR}

I plan on obtaining this strain as I believe it will suit my purpose well.

Thanks again,
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