Fixing sequencing gels

srgcles at srgcles at
Thu Nov 4 19:21:14 EST 1993

>As it is virtually impossible to directly compare the same gel fixed and 
>unfixed, I was wondering why you felt it makes a difference ? I have 
>J. Graham

I agree that result-wise it impossible to tell the difference between unfixed 
and fixed gels PROVIDED the unfixed gel doesn't stick to the Xray film. I 
prefer to fix sequencing gels since I find unfixed ones take longer to dry and 
always seem a bit tacky and prone to sticking to the X-ray film.

Sequencing gels are tougher than you may think. If they come of the backing 
plate in washing you can sort them out by adding more fixative and taking a 
lot of care. Another pair of hands helps. I've got some potentail disasters to 
work ok.

PS Hi to other Kiwi net readers, esp Martin K, Tania S and Andrew Dog-breath 

Brian Scrimshaw
New Zealand

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