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Thu Nov 4 05:17:59 EST 1993

... since Mr. Graham has been an 
> >exemplary contributor to the group.  If I were Mr. Graham's 
employer, I
> >would be tempted to give him a citation for excellence and 
bravery for his
> >part in this fiasco.

I have offered to put my support for Jim in a letter to his boss, 
should any ordure come down upon his head because of this incident. 
 If enough of us did that (if necessary), it would ensure Jim did 
not get into any trouble.

In my opinion (and in the absence of any evidence apart from what 
was published), this was just another example of the typical Net 
"flame war", where someone goes over the top and then doesn't know 
how to back down without losing face, so perpetuates the 
unpleasantness.  Let us not throw bricks at anyone, just let's all 
calm down and get on with the business at hand - sharing info and 
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