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Thu Nov 4 15:30:35 EST 1993

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Dearest Bob

I suspect you posted this in order to save time emailing privately to each
of us? :-)  ... unfortunately such discussions might be better suited in a
more cordial setting (eg., pub with beers in hand ... hopefully emotions
and EGOs held in check for sake of rationality).

May I ask what YOU actually DO for a living (not that this really matters
... just curious)? ... If you don't answer I'm sure we'll all understand.
Afterall, you DID question OUR values of FREEDOM of speech, enterprise,
etc., did you not? ... but, let's NOT get personal ... please! I'm SURE
that we ALL hold such freedoms in HIGHEST regard (as well as responsibilities
regarding personal conduct -> manners, plagiarism, piracy, theft, etc).
... seriously! ... I for one regularly take hard looks at myself and thus
feel confident of my UNambiguous moral education (as evidenced by
reactions, or lack thereof, by others).

Also, what OTHER researchers at Hoffman La Roche are out there? ... Bob,
could you provide the net with some of their names/email addressess? Then
perhaps certain issues could be discussed without imposing upon others that
read this newsgroup? ... as John Nash mentioned earlier, it sure would be
nice for MORE commercial scientists to participate in such newsgroups, let
alone to use email. Many (most ?) of these companies provide valuable
services to the research community ... (imagine having to make EVERY reagent
from scratch as was common no more than 15 yrs ago?). Those that do
participate in the net (a few folks from Clonetech, DuPont, MJR and NEB
come to mind) have participated usefully.

On a MORE constructive note, could this discussion focus ONCE AGAIN on
main topic of sharing ideas/experiences about LEGAL replacements of commercial
kits (such as "homemade" nick translation, sequencing (with OTHER than T7
DNA pol, of course) ... including cycle sequencing, etc., etc). All based upon
PUBLISHED methods (and modifications thereof). Is THIS not FREEDOM of speech?

Afterall, Bob, does anybody in your lab make their own "kits" from
scratch ... or can/does your lab have little/no reservations about paying $$$
for kits for used for any purpose? Many of us DO many/most mol. bio.
WITHOUT kits! Although, in SOME instances (personally speaking), kits can
work better (depends on how much time one can spare to trouble shoot
non-kit techniques, especially for first time attempts at a technique).

..... and .....

Without making remarks/judgements about others morality/personality? (Most
of us haven't even met one another in person, let alone gotten to know more
about one another via more extensive 2 way COMMUNICATION ... thus I for
one won't even make an effort to judge anyone elses motives, let alone

Perhaps we could WAIT until COURTS decide about legal aspects surrounding
PCR, Taq DNA pol, etc. Should this be the realm of this discussion group?
... Hooray to Boehringer Mannheim now sells PCR licensed Taq DNA pol! At
least up here in Canada, BM's Taq costs less than PE's (about 30% less than
PE's, and about 50% more than Promega's). 

.... still struggling NOT to take sides ......     :-)
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