Phenol distillation (caveat)

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>> I once spilled phenol on both ungloved hands. I was able to quickly stop the
>> burning with methanol. Is any one of these chemicals less dangerous or better
>> for ridding the phenol from the skin? In an unrelated incident, I was cutting
>> some jalopeno peppers and rubbed my eyes. Bad move! I ended up essentially
>> macing myself :-{  ...How do you stop THAT from burning?

> With respect to jalopeno and related hot peppers, the best advice is to use
> latex gloves (dishwashing gloves) when chopping, dicing, or otherwise
> Dahmer-izing the little buggers.  If that offends your sense of
> masculinity....

What? the Dahmer joke? :-o  No way! ;-)

>             , limit as much as you can exposure of your fingers to the
> CULINARY ESCAPADES- and rinse your fingers in rubbing alcohol followed by
> water.  The hot ingredient is capsacin (sp?) and is an oil-based organic. 
> That's why beer is good with hot foods - helps solvate the hot shit and
> wash it down.

I immediately popped the top off of a cold one and started pouring it on my
face. Oddly enough, it felt better when most of it ended up in my mouth ;-)
After 30 minutes (and several more beers) the burning had gone away and I could
see again, albeit a bit more blurry than before :-)

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