Preferred gel imaging systems?(sore neck)

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Thu Nov 4 11:51:01 EST 1993

In article <1993Nov3.091653.1 at>, mweir at writes:
> We are thinking of purchasing one of the imaging systems 
> to substitute for Polaroid pictures and for analyzing gels etc.  
> The system would be used by many labs and would need to 
> be straightforward to use.  Most of us have Mac computers.
> Does anyone have recommendations for different systems 
> (e.g. UVP, Stratagene .... ).  
We have looked at two production packages and I would have to say one, although
had very good optics, integration, etc.  was light-pen and window driven.  If
you place the video monitor above the gel and printer, etc. then I found that
only after a few minutes my neck was getting sore.  It is not
ergonmically(correct term?) designed.  Another system was mouse and window
driven (better) but had not yet put in shortcut key strokes.

NEITHER was able to store data that would directly go into a Mac (I think).

My $0.02

> Does anyone like or dislike the analysis software 
> e.g. densitometry, restriction digest analysis, 
> assisted DNA sequence analysis.
> Thanks in advance for feedback.
> Michael Weir
> Wesleyan Univ.
Jim Miller
Lilly Research Labs
Indianapolis, IN

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