Fixing sequencing gels

Andre Hamel hamel at
Thu Nov 4 13:01:53 EST 1993

In article <2b9fef$ld1 at> Chris Williams <chris at> writes:
>Fixing sequencing gels
>I have never fixed my sequencing/genotyping gels.  I usauuly don't even
>dry them down. Typically I use 2 pieces of Whatman 3mm paper and wrap in
>saran wrap and expose.

Ditto! Over past 7 yrs of LOTS of sequencing, I've NEVER detected
significant diff. between fixed vs. unfixed vs dried vs undried. There is
SLIGHT difference between dried & undried if film exposed at rm temp, but
not is at -70C.

I simply lift off gel with Whatman 3MM (I prefer 21cm x 100m rolls .. < $$ :-)
Then cover with plastic wrap, expose film (-70C vs rm temp DOES make SLIGHT

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