Patents, Copyrights, and License Agreements

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Thu Nov 4 12:32:17 EST 1993

This post is for Graham, Hamel, and Bloksberg:

If you are intimidated and threatened by the Free-Enterprise and
Free-Speech then maybe you are doing business in the wrong part of the world.

Whether you like it or not Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc. owns U.S. Patent Numbers
4,683,195 and 4,683,202 which cover the PCR process and U.S. Patent Number
4,889,818 which covers Taq DNA Polymerase. If you use either you are required
to obtain a license from:
			 Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc.
			 340 Kingsland St.
			 Nutley, New Jersey 07110
			 Attn: Law Department

You may cheat on your taxes, illegally copy software, cheat your grocer when
s/he gives you incorrect change, plagarize the work of others, steal from
others, and take whatever illegal, unethical shortcuts you normally take but
you know what? What goes around comes around. And I believe that someday 
justice will be served. You may think now that you are getting something for
nothing by taking what rightfully belongs to someone else but in the end all
things even out.

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