oil and pcr

Fri Nov 5 14:16:50 EST 1993

> We are about to start large numbers of pcr in the microtiter format. We are
> confused about whether it is really necessary to add oil to the wells. I 
> would appreciate anyones suggestions. Especially what machines you can avoid
> oil. The Cetus 9600 doesn't seem to need it, but it costs 2X some other models.
> Sincerely, Don Bowden
 Whether you really need to use oil or not dependeds on the design of
the cycler and the tube.  There are a number of cyclers on the market
now that have heating blocks or some other device to prevent
condensation on the cap of the tube.  Since the tube is a closed
system, evaporation of the reaction mix is not the greatest concern,
rather it is the cooling effect caused by the evaporation.

The fact that you want to do PCR in a microtiter format will limit your
chaices of machines.  Besides the Cetus 9600, the only other machine
that I have actually seen that can use a 96 well format is the Hybaid
thernmal cycler.  This machine is *much* cheaper than the Cetus
instrument (when you see the quality of the construction, you will see
why - my machine was D.O.A.), but does require the use of oil.  

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