Concentrating small, dilute DNA

Lisa Vawter vawter at
Thu Nov 4 21:32:54 EST 1993

In article <2999.2cc8407e at>,  <swiatek at> wrote:
>	Does anyone know of the best way to concentrate (i.e. ppt) small
>	DNAs (<300bp)? I'm using Promega's Magic PCR preps, and the DNA is
>	eluted in 40 to 50ul of buffer (or water, in my case). Currently,
>	I have about 2ug DNA in 80ul H2O and need to concentrate it for 
>	ligation. Which salts work best? Also, is isopropanol or EtOH better?
>	Thanks for any and all help...

If the DNA is in H2O, the easiest way to concentrate it would
seem to me to be to reduce the volume in a vacuum centrifuge.

Lisa Vawter
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