a certain mistake

Henry James sticknbd at miranda.cc.vanderbilt.edu
Sun Nov 7 17:49:36 EST 1993

I'm doing a northern with a dig-lableled riboprobe.
Grabbing the wrong tube, I "prehybridized" @ 68C for
two hours with blocking solution (a 2% casein salt
sol'n).  I then caught the mistake, changed the solution
to the real prehyb mix, and now I'm going to hybridize
ON.  I cannot envision any problems with having
taken up protein binding sites on the nylon membrane
prior to the hybridization.  Can anybody else?  Also,
I'm somewhat concerned about adding my dig-labeled
riboprobe to a membrane that has so much protein on
it.  Should I expect any problems here?
sticknbd at mirand.cc.vanderbilt.edu

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