Bacterial direct counts

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Sun Nov 7 20:24:46 EST 1993

Subject: Bacterial direct counts

I am interested in hearing from persons using epifluorescence
microscopy for the direct enumeration of bacteria in environmental

1)  What type(s) of samples are you working with (e.g. seawater,
    soil, plant or animal tissue, etc...)?

2)  What fluorochrome stain do you employ for "total" bacterial
    counts (e.g. acridine orange, DAPI, FITC, others...?)

3)  What stain concentration do you use?

4)  What is the duration of your staining (i.e., minutes of exposure

5)  If you count cells on membrane filters, what type do you use (e.g.,
    0.2um Nucleopore polycarbonate pre-stained with irgalan black,
    Anopore aluminum oxide membrane filters, cellulose acetate filters,

6)  Do you have any hints or suggestions for improvement in any of
    the standard bacterial direct count methodologies?

Please respond directly to me.   Feel free to pass along this
request to microbiologist/microbial ecologist friends who may
not check this newsgroup.  Thanks for your help with these questions!

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