oil and pcr

Helgi Briem Magnusson hbriem at rhi.hi.is
Mon Nov 8 07:09:49 EST 1993

In <931105131650.43345 at UABCVSR.cvsr.uab.edu> txpljfg at UABCVSR.CVSR.UAB.EDU writes:

>The fact that you want to do PCR in a microtiter format will limit your
>chaices of machines.  Besides the Cetus 9600, the only other machine
>that I have actually seen that can use a 96 well format is the Hybaid
>thernmal cycler.  This machine is *much* cheaper than the Cetus
>instrument (when you see the quality of the construction, you will see
>why - my machine was D.O.A.), but does require the use of oil.  

The Techne PHC-3 also has an optional heater block available for
use with 96-well plates, but it also requires oil.  Ours has given
good service with no problems except the rather minor one that it
no longer cools very well (only down to 15C or so.  I am pretty
sure that it is much cheaper then the Cetus, but I don't have the
prices available.

Helgi Briem
Inst. Exp. Path.
Keldur, Iceland

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